HCG Diet Phases

There are different phases of HCG diet like loading, maintenance and stabilization. There are different guidelines for each of the phases. The recipes also differ phases by phase. One has to take high calorie foods in the loading days. In the maintenance phase, the dieter has to restrict his consumption to 500 calorie per day and take only the low calorie diet. In the stabilization phase, one can return to his normal diet. He would slowly and gradually add on things in his menu.

One might get confused about what to eat and what not. In such circumstances, one can refer to some HCG cook books. These are loaded with enormous recipes for various
phases of weight loss program. The recipe books cover dishes of different tastes for all sections of people starting from vegan to non-vegetarians. All these recipes are easy to be prepared.

Where to Get Free HCG Recipes for Weight Loss?

Almost all the HCG brands offer the recipe books free of cost with their products. Most of them are in digital formats. During the purchase, these are sent to the customers through mail.

However, you can search for some recipes in various websites also. But, there is always a question of their authenticity. You never know whether the calorie count mentioned in the recipe is exact or not. So, these are never safe to be tried during the HCG diet.

HCG diet is available in different forms which include injections, oral drops, pills, gels and sprays. However, the oral drops are the most preferred one among the different sections of people. These are user friendly as people can take them in their work place as well. One has to take the drop under his tongue. Since it is pre-diluted, it takes only five minutes to dissolve in the blood. Online availability makes your purchase hassle free.